At the tender age of seven one little girl named GiaNina Paolantonio decided she wanted to show the judges of America's Got Talent that she had what it takes to win it all. 

GiaNina waited in line among thousands of people ready to show that her bumblebee outfit was packed with more then just adorableness but quite the sting. 

As the hours past this little ball of energy was spinning and spinning all over the waiting area and caught the attention of the film crew.  Finally GiaNina got to audition and she enjoyed every minute of it. 

The day didn't turn out like she wanted but that isn't going to deter this little phenom from achieving her dreams of performing in front of packed houses. 

if you watch the previews of the show you will see this little bumblebee doing pirouette after pirouette.

Dressed as a bumblebee, GiaNina Paolantonio, a 7-year-old dancer from Oakhurst, N.J., seemed less anxious.

“If they pick me, I’ll probably scream,” she says, “and my mom will pass out.”