GiaNina is proud to announce that she has taken part in a new video with the wonderful online teaching tool company

GoNoodle is a company that promotes learning via movement and brain-break activities that get students to focus and make learning fun.  Teachers integrate physical activity with their core subjects to get kids excited about traditionally bland subjects.

These fun videos have skyrocketed GoNoodle to new heights as within a year of their launch in 2014 they were able to reach of 2 millions kids.  Right now there are over 10 million kids that dance and have fun learning with GoNoodle everyday.

"In the very beginning of the day, kids come in, they might be jumping out of the bus, they're rambunctious, and the teacher needs to calm them down — so she might do a calming activity. Midway through the day, they may be lethargic and need to wake back up, so she'll pick one that's more intense and uplifting. And then before tests, we've got activities that calm nerves, with deep breathing."
On average, teachers with GoNoodle use it in their classrooms four times a day.
"I have an interactive board," he said. "I keep it up all day and whenever the kids need a break I just pull (GoNoodle) up on the board and let the kids have five minutes of singing and dancing."

                                                                                                                              -USA TODAY